Question :    Can I get the service done from local mechanic?
Answer :    As the local mechanic may not be competent enough to handle Honda vehicle, we recommend you to get the service/repair done at the Honda authorized service center only as they have ‘Honda’ trained technicians. Honda warranty policy does not cover any defect / consequential damages due to repair done by local mechanic.
Question :    Is it necessary to use only Honda genuine engine oil?
Answer :    Honda R&D develops engine oil to suit driving conditions available in various countries. Honda Genuine Oil is specially designed for the 2-wheelers manufactured by us. However, you can use any other engine oil which conforms to International specifications of API SJ and SAE 20W40.
Question :    Is it necessary to use only Honda genuine parts?
Answer :    Keeping in mind the safety of the rider the performance and life of vehicle, we recommend to use Honda Genuine Parts only. However, if you choose to use local parts at your own risk, we may not be able to cover consequential damage/ defect under warranty.
Question :    Why the dealer is not allowing me to watch my vehicle getting serviced?
Answer :    We have provided customer lounge in our dealership / service centre where customers can view their vehicle getting serviced as customer interaction with technician may affect the service quality. If you have any specific requirement / purpose, you may get in touch with CR manager/Service manager.
Question :    How much engine oil should be filled in `Activa’?
Answer :    In `Activa' the quantity of engine oil during routine service is 700 ml. However, in case the engine is dismantled, 800 ml engine oil needs to be filled after assembly. 
Question :    Why your dealership does not offer a place for keeping helmets?
Answer :    Dealers provide facilities as per the needs & wants of customers in their area. We have to check, why they have not been able to adjust to your need. We will however, communicate with them, so that they can provide due assistance in this matter.
Question :    Can I go to any Honda Service centre for Service or Repair?
Answer :    A customer can visit any Dealership / ASC for any type of service / repair irrespective of selling dealer. Customer shall present the Owners manual of the vehicle in order to avail Free Service or Warranty repair.
Question :    Can I do the service myself?
Answer :    If you have sufficient mechanical know-how then you can perform some basic maintenance work but for other repair we recommend you to visit any of our authorized dealer/ service center. However, in order to ensure best performance of vehicle we recommend that routine maintenance and repairs are done by our authorized dealers only since they have ‘Honda’ trained technicians and facilities to repair our products properly.
Question :    I have less usage of vehicle, Is it necessary to replace engine oil in every service?
Answer :    As the property of engine oil deteriorates with time and usage, we recommend replacing engine oil in every 3 months / 3000 kms, whichever occurs earlier.
Question :    Which petrol to use for better performance? Will usage of premium petrol affect my vehicle performance? 
Answer :    You can use any fuel above octane number 91 (RON). Vehicle performance is not likely to be effected by changing the brand or changing between normal to premium petrol.
Question :    Why MSV is not giving washing facility?
Answer :    MSV is the facility made for providing service in remote areas. Sometimes it may not be possible to provide washing to all vehicles due to local regulation / permission or availability of water.
Question :    Is there any Honda Service center near Domlur area in Bangalore? Who is the contact person?
Answer :    "Yes, we have a dealership named `Haiku Honda’ in `Domlur’ area of Bangalore. The address is: No.1, Airport Road, Domlur, Bangalore, Karnataka, Pin-560 073The contact numbers are: 080 080-2268326, 2264325, 5351846-8, and 25352406. You may also visit our website www.honda2wheelers.com for getting such information."
Question :    Is this Honda Service center open on Sundays & what is the workshop opening time?
Answer :    Workshop opening days and time depends upon the dealer location, their workload and customer preference in that area. We request you to get in touch with the dealer for such details.
Question :    What are jobs to be done in free service?
Answer :    Jobs in the free service are based on the maintenance requirement for the easy reference of customers, Mention on back side of Service Coupon.
Question :    How to get better fuel average? What is the fuel average of Activa?
Answer :    We would like to inform you that apart from the product condition, the fuel average of any vehicle also depends on -
1. Driving Pattern
2. Traffic conditions
3. Load conditions
4. Road conditions

To obtain better fuel average, we give below few fuel saving tips
1) Maintain the vehicle in good condition through regular servicing at recommended intervals
2) Maintain the recommended tyre pressure and check on regular basis.
3) Drive vehicle in the speed range of 40-50 Kmph (Economy Range)
4) Avoid sudden acceleration and braking; accelerate slowly and stop gradually.
5) Avoid congested or bad roads; taking a slightly longer but congestion free route may also save on traveling time and the fuel cost. The fuel average of `Honda Activa¿ tested in Standard Conditions is 50 Km / Litre of Petrol, however, the actual fuel average may vary depending on above conditions.

Question :    What are different methods of checking fuel average?
Answer :    "The different methods of checking the fuel average are:1. Full tank method 2. Bottle method1. Full tank method: Fill the tank till the brim of the tank. Note the odometer reading ¿A¿.¿ Ride the scooter for around 150 Kms and get the fuel filled to the same level as done on step 1. Note down the quantity of fuel filled ¿L¿-liters.¿ Note the Odometer reading ¿B¿ at the time of refilling.The fuel average is (B ¿ A) / LThis method is more effective for customers using our scooter models ¿ Activa, Dio, Eterno and Aviator.2. Bottle methodThis method is mainly used by dealers to check fuel average in limited time as per customer requirement."
Question :    When spark plug should be replaced?
Answer :    Life of spark plug is considered to be around 8,000 kms. Customer may replace spark plug on or before 8,000 kms as per their convenience.
Question :    What is maintenance schedule & can you send it to me ?
Answer :    We have provided maintenance schedule in Owners Manual and need not to be sent separately. 
Question :    Does vehicle performance improve after service?
Answer :    With the usage, various functions and parts in the vehicle get affected and this leads to deterioration of performance. During service of the vehicle, adjustments/cleaning is done as per requirement to restore vehicle performance. Therefore, regular maintenance of vehicle not only keeps up its condition but also improves performance.
Question :    How many free services are provided with `Honda Shine’?
Answer :    We provide four free free services for `Honda Shine’. The information is also given in the owner¿s manual. 
Question :    The free service of my `Honda Activa’ delayed by few days due to personal reasons. Can you ask your dealer to consider the same?
Answer :    We recommend customers to maintain vehicle as per recommended time period/KMS schedule. We request you to provide vehicle and dealer details for us to look into the matter.
Question :    Is engine oil chargeable during free service, if yes what is the price?
Answer :    All consumables including engine oil is chargeable. Consumables include: engine oil, gasket, bulb, sealant, grease. Price of engine oil keeps on changing based on the global crude oil price. You can check with your dealer for the current price.
Question :    Dealer is charging more than estimate price?
Answer :    Repair estimate for the vehicle is the estimate given based on the assessment of initial condition of the vehicle, which may vary, once the actual repair work is carried out after dismantling parts. If extra jobs are identified during repairs, the same should be informed to the vehicle owner and due consent shall be taken in case of high additional charges.
Question :    Are labor charges to be paid during free service?
Answer :    No labor charges are to be paid during free service. However, during free service if any extra job is done than regular maintenance, then you have to pay for parts and labor charges.
Question :    Dealer asking deposit for accidental estimate charges?
Answer :    Accidental repairs charges vary significantly depending on the extent of vehicle damage and dealer sometimes charge advance to promote timely collection of vehicle by the customer after completion of repair work. It is the dealer’s discretion to decide about the advance amount depending on estimated repair charges. However, we would request you to provide us the dealership name/location and vehicle details for us to look into the matter.
Question :    What is your warranty policy? 
Answer :    "For Scooter it is 2 years or 24000KM which ever is earlier. For Motorcycle it is 2 years or 32000 KM which ever is earlier. Warranty is valid for manufacturing defect and does not cover wear & tear / consumables like gasket, clutch plate, brake shoe, engine oil, tyre & tube, seat cover etc."
Question :    Which parts are covered under warranty?
Answer :    "Warranty is applicable in case of a manufacturing defect in the product. Various parts in the vehicle have got a different wearing tendency. Fast wearing parts in vehicle like clutch plates, brake shoe etc. may get worn out with usage before warranty period is over. You may go through owner’s manual of the product for further details."
Question :    Vehicle is 2 months old & dealer asking charges for replacing clutch plates?
Answer :    "Any vehicle has some wear and tear parts which need to be inspected on periodical basis and may be replaced as deemed necessary. Warranty on the product is restricted to malfunction due to defect in material or workmanship. The wearing out of `Clutch plates’ largely depends on driving pattern of the user and is not covered under warranty. We request you to observe following driving tips for longer life of the same.¿ Accelerate gradually.¿ Do not accelerate with brake on."
Question :    My vehicle is under warranty but dealer asking for air filter replacement on paid basis.
Answer :    Warranty is applicable in case of a manufacturing defect in the product. Various parts have got different wearing tendencies. Air filter along with other fast wearing parts in vehicle like clutch plates, brake shoe, chain set etc. may get worn out with usage before warranty period is over.
Question :    My Rear tyre has worn out. Dealer not listening, saying to contact MRF Co.
Answer :    Tyres are the proprietary item of the MRF Co. which are warranted by the manufacturer itself (as mentioned in the, owner¿s manual), however our dealer will help you by forwarding it to the MRF Co.
Question :    Is warranty affected if vehicle serviced at local workshop?
Answer :    Some items of maintenance & repair of our product will require detailed technical know-how & special tools. As the local mechanic may not be competent enough to handle Honda vehicle, we recommend you to get the service/repair done at the Honda authorized service center only. Honda warranty policy does not cover any defect / consequential damages due to repair done by local mechanic.
Question :    Is warranty applicable on a part replaced under warranty/out of warranty?
Answer :    A part replaced under warranty is valid till warranty period only. In vehicles after warranty period is over, there is no warranty of the parts replaced.
Question :    Other companies are covering chain set under warranty why not you?
Answer :    "Warranty is applicable in case of a manufacturing defect of product. Various parts have got a wearing tendency. Fast wearing parts in vehicle like clutch plates, brake shoe, chain set etc. may get worn out with usage before warranty period is over.We would not like to comment on other automobile company policies."
Question :    Dealer is asking for copy of WRC/Invoice for giving warranty.
Answer :    If you are going to the dealer for the first time, they need these documents to ensure warranty eligibility for your vehicle.
Question :    What is difference between standard warranty & Extended warranty?
Answer :    "Honda provides a standard warranty of 2 years on all its products from date of purchase and it is based on terms and conditions governed by Honda. Extended warranty is offered at additional price by external agency in coordination with Honda & is applicable after the completion of standard warranty 
Question :    What is difference between repair under warranty & repair under insurance?
Answer :    Warranty is provided by manufacturer against any manufacturing defect in product whereas insurance is to make up for cost in repairs/damages due to some accident / external impact.
Question :    I want two extra wheels to be fitted at rear, can your dealer help?
Answer :    Although, we don¿t recommend any modification in our products, our dealer can help you in finding out vendor for fitment of extra carriage. Since, we don¿t have the idea of nature of modification vendor would be making and also as we have not tested performance of vehicle with these modifications, we regret our inability to cover any consequential effect due to this under warranty.
Question :    I am physically handicapped. I want brake on left hand side. Can your dealer modify it? How much extra it will cost? 
Answer :    Although we appreciate the noble cause in developing vehicle for handicapped, presently our dealers are not equipped to carry out such modifications.
Question :    What is booking system and what are its benefits?
Answer :    To avoid inconvenience to the customer, dealer book vehicles for service /repair in advance. By adapting such booking system dealer can plan according to workload thereby can provide better service to the customers.
Question :    How much time will it take for a normal service?
Answer :    Dealer receives and attends vehicles in order of customer reporting/delivery priority. Although the servicing time of vehicle may be only 1-2 hours, but overall servicing time will also include the waiting time as per sequence.
Question :    Does your dealer has any Pick & drop facility?
Answer :    Presently, some of our dealers provide such facilities. We request you to get in touch with our service dealer for assistance.
Question :    Dealer A is providing me FOC facilities for pick & drop of the vehicle but dealer B takes charges for the same, Dealer C is not providing any facilities for pick & drop of the vehicle ?
Answer :    Dealer provides value added services to their customers as per their preferences. It is the sole discretion of the dealer whether to provide this facility or not. Dealers may or may not offer / may or may not charge for this facility.
Question :    What is difference between unleaded and premium petrol?
Answer :    "Unleaded petrol is lead less petrol. Most of the petrol available today is unleaded. Premium petrol is also unleaded but might be mixed with additives to improve performance."
Question :    Broker promised service at the time of sale but later denied.
Answer :    We have established a network of Honda authorized dealers for selling Honda vehicles to customers. The vehicle sold by any individual in an unauthorized manner are sold and purchased at their own risk. If you can provide us the specific details like invoice number, invoice date in addition to vehicle engine number, frame number and your name. We shall look into the matter if the selling party is linked to our authorized dealer. However, we may not be able to help you if the vehicle is procured and sold by an agent in an unauthorized manner.